• GBB by Veronika Kusakova

Veronika's favorite dishes and drinks

Great homemade food and nice wine - isn't it what life is about? If you agree with me, follow this article :)

What is better than having every day homemade food, sit around the big table, drink a glass of nice wine and enjoy this great atmosphere when all of us gather together? .....I have inherited those customs from my mum. I love to prepare dishes for my guests, see their happy faces and just enjoy this beautiful "ceremony". I think that in this modern world most of the people are forgetting some basic values - everything is going very fast and people forgot just to sit down with loved ones and to enjoy themselves. What a pity...... THIS WOULDN'T HAPPENED TO YOU ON BOARD WITH ME :)

” Do you love homemade food made with love from fresh ingredients???? You are welcome on board :) .”

My cooking

I prefer to cook from fresh ingredients - I am trying to avoid supermarkets as much as I can and instead to buy fresh fishes from fishermen, buy vegetables and fruits from local farmers, not to use preservatives and to use nice greek wine. I love to cook Mediterranean cuisine full of colours and sapid tastes. I am trying to always have with me fresh basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, parsley. Those flavours make the food different, unique. Most of the time my crew makes fun of me that I am herbalist :).

To have a nice fresh food, a glass of greek wine, have a good company... Greeks would say: AFTO METRAJI ( this is what is important ).

Jamas and Kali Orexi - Cheers and Bon appetite