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If you've heard about the city of Kalamata, we'll bet it had to do with the larger region's reputation for producing some of the finest black olives. While olive groves indeed dominate the fields around the city, Kalamata and South Peloponnese have much more to offer than just a salty snack!


Why sail this area?


  • Numerous anchor spots, calm seas, sea breezes ideal for recreational sailing.

  • Definitely Not a mass tourism area. Still a virgin and unexplored scenery spots. Not many boats. No ports packed with charter boats like other areas in Greece. 

  • Easy Access: Kalamata International Airport only 15 min from Kalamata Marina.

  • Athens-Kalamata only 2.5 hours highway driving. 

The natural beauty of South Peloponnese with the indented unspoiled coastline, sandy beaches, forested mountains and fertile valleys, the beach described as "Place of Particular Natural Beauty", "Voidokilia Beach", it is part of Natura 2000 protected area. One of the most beautiful underground water-caves in the world "Diros Caves", the unique contrast sceneries from "Mani Tower House" next to turquoise sea water coexists with significant archeological monuments and Medieval castles like "Methoni" and "Koroni". 

And the bucket list can be continued further to Laconic gulf, to a small island of unparalleled beauty in Greece, seductive "Elafonisos". 

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